Timothy J. Corio -
Senior Software Professional
Rochester, NY Area
I bring extensive experience and hunger for new challenges to every project. Whether writing a script to simplify a business process or authoring a book to share what I've learned with others, I give everything I have to drive for a successful conclusion.

My broad technical background encompasses such disparate areas as pharmacutical, printing, and retail back-office.

Technical Skills
Languages PHP, Perl, SQL, Unix shell scripts (bash, csh, ksh), C, C++, JAVA, HTML, Javascript, JSP, SQL, LaTex, Pro C++, SQL*Plus, Visual BASIC
Internet Apache, Jakarta Tomcat, Java Servlets, Jetty
Operating System Windows NT/2000/XP, Unix/Linux/Solaris, VAX VMS
Database MySql, Oracle, MS Access
Source Control MS SourceSafe, CVS, Clearcase
Tools ImageMagick
2009 to Present - Literary Cryptogram (
Sole Proprietor
  • Web site available at
  • Create and manage cryptogram puzzle game web site.
  • Investigation of currently available online cryptogram games revieled no high-quality free games.
  • Identified Project Gutenberg as a source of content.
  • User interaction and AJAX functionality implemented using jQuery.
  • Site implemented in PHP.
2009 to Present
Author - RNA Medal Pocket Guide
  • Book available at
  • Photographed the almost 200 medals illustrated in the book.
  • Composed the book's content and cover using LaTex.
  • Wrote scripts in PHP to automate image processing icluding finding the exact location of the medal and masking out the background.
  • Self-Published the book at
2009 to 2009
Co-Author - Agricultural and Mechanical Society Award Medals Of The United States
  • With Andrew Harkness.
  • Book available at
  • Photographed the almost 500 medals and other items illustrated in the book.
  • Composed the book's content using OpenOffice Writer.
  • Created the book's cover using Gnu Image Manipulation Program.
  • Wrote scripts in PHP to format the images including croping, and resizing the images.
  • Self-Published the book at
2009 to Present - Numismatic Cabinet (
Sole Proprietor
  • Web site available at
  • Create and manage numismatically focused photo-sharing web site.
  • Implemented the site using PHP.
  • Implemented AJAX based functionality using jQuery.
2007 to 2008 - Mindex Technologies - Rochester, New York
Senior Consultant - Xerox - Rochester, New York
  • Develop web service interface to multifunction printing device. Written in C using rpcgen and OpenSSL.
  • Maintenance programming on MFP supporting Novell protocol stack in C, Web User Interface written in PHP and C.
  • New feature implementation on MFP in PHP, C, and Linux shell scripts. Worked with team defining requirements and design. Implemented Web User Interface and all back-end processing. Worked closely with team developing Local User Interface (from panel access).
2006 to 2006 - Ajilon - Rochester, New York
Senior Consultant - Encryptanet - Newport Beach, California
  • Develop new functionality of an on-line, micro-payment support application written in SQL, Perl, PHP, Java, JSP and Unix shell scripts
  • Working from high-level requirements developed web applications to simplify integration of PayPal payments into retail web sites. The web applications are written in Java and Perl. A separate reporting application written in Java and JSP. All applications are hosted on RedHat Linux servers. The production and test environments are hosted remotely by Rackspace Managed Hosting. The development environment is implemented local on PC installations of Suse Linux.
  • Supporting this engagement included working with the business founders to establish requirements. Requirements and design are captured in an informal manner as requested by the customer.
2005 to 2006 - A+ Consulting - Rochester, New York
Senior Consultant - Xerox - Rochester, New York
  • Support, maintain, and develop new functionality of a Data Warehouse application written in SQL, Perl, PHP, Java, and Unix shell scripts.
  • Support, maintain, and develop new functionality of a high-end printer diagnostic tool written in Java.
  • Create monitor applications to identify failures in the data warehouse application before they are seen by the users. Written in Perl.
  • Re-engineer existing applications to support new functionality and reliability improvements.
  • Document and improve data warehouse maintenance procedures.
  • Provide subject matter expertise on team defining the user interface of the printer diagnostic tool.
  • Define system test procedures for data warehouse and printer diagnostic tool.
  • Create scripted unit tests for data warehouse applications.
  • Implement RPC interface between printer diagnostic tool and another system written in Java using JRPC package
  • Provide level three support to customer sites using the printer diagnostic tool.
  • Participate in informal mentoring of recent college graduates.
  • Assist the transfer of this project to a new team at a remote site through HOW-TO documentation and formal knowledge transfer sessions using Wiki documents, NS NetMeeting, and one-on-one sessions.
2000 to 2004 - Ciber, Inc. - Rochester, New York
Senior Consultant - Various Projects and Customers - ,
  • Developed data loading modules for a data warehouse application using C++ on a Unix platform.
  • Technical Lead for maintenance and new functionality development to Business-to-Customer web site implemented using J2EE, Java Server Pages, JavaScript, and Java Servlets.
  • Design and implementation of messaging mechanism between an Oracle database and customer accessed web site for major regional retail grocer using Java and Fiorano's implementation of Java JMS (FioranoMQ).
  • Implemented web development environments using Tomcat and Microsoft IIS servers, Oracle databases, and Microsoft SQL Server databases.
  • Write requirements, design, and perform code reviews for various projects.
  • Troubleshooting of post implementation and User Acceptance Testing issues on various projects.
  • Implementation of Information Technology Services management tool. Web based application implemented in Java Server Pages and Java Servlets.
  • Design and implement Java classes for accessing and manipulating data stored in an Oracle database.
  • Requirements analysis for maintenance project on a contract management system using ORACLE FORMS.
1997 to 2004 - Ciber, Inc. - Rochester, New York
Senior Consultant - Xerox, SolutionQuix Project - Rochester, New York
  • Using my problem solving skills, deep system knowledge, and ability to encourage other team members we developed and maintained a system that validates unit and site configuration of high-end printing systems.
  • Develop application modules in Microsoft Visual Basic and Configuration Modeling Language (CML).
  • As member of core team established, tracked, and updated short-term schedules during high-pressure development phases.
  • Assisted Subject Matter Experts in producing formal descriptions of the products to be modeled in the configuration validation system
1995 to 1997 - Optical Gaging Products - Rochester, New York
Software Engineer
  • Integrated new video capture hardware into existing system in C on a Solaris platform.
  • Integrated multi-language capability into existing system. Worked closely with Portuguese translator. Directed efforts of two Co-Op employees.
  • Authored system requirements and system design for a new product requiring reverse engineering of current products and close interaction with the Marketing Department for new functionality.
1989 to 1995 - Fisons Pharmaceutical - Rochester, New York
Programmer / Analyst
  • Designed and implemented data collection and report generation systems for standard and custom automated laboratory equipment. These systems were produced in Microsoft C, Excel Macro, and Basic.
  • Developed and maintained data input systems used by laboratory and office personnel. These systems were produced in C and FORTRAN on VAX VMS.
  • As a member of a team producing a comprehensive Document Management System provided authorship and review of design documentation, systems implementation, incident investigation and error correction. This system was produced primarily in C on VAX VMS.
  • Authored Standard Operation Procedures defining project life cycle.
  • Performed all work in compliance with the FDA's Current Good Manufacturing Practices.
1986 to 1988 - National VideoServe - Buffalo, New York
  • Developed and maintained applications incorporating interactive video, graphics, and touch screen devices in public access information kiosks. These applications were written in compiled BASIC on CP/M.
  • Worked closely with customers to specify, develop and maintain custom applications.
  • Simplified project development by producing a set of standard functionality from which a client could build a customized system. This made the clients more comfortable in their decisions, reduced the amount of truly custom work required, and increased the efficiency of our development efforts.
State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York
  • Continuing education through graduate level courses in the Computer Science program.